About Epic Global Talent

Epic Global Talent is a premier talent, entertainment, and marketing firm dedicated to helping clients establish their brand in the entertainment industry's many fields including acting, modeling, music, sports, television, film, commercial, print and literary.

The team at Epic Global Talent has the uncanny ability to turn business professionals into media icons by identifying a clients' true innate gifts in order to monetize their passions and talents for local, national and global exposure.

About Laura T. Navarro

Ms. Navarro is an award winning talent, entertainment-marketing, and media expert, whose ability to heighten the influence, credibility and exposure of her clients has led to trememdous success in the talent & entertainment sectors. Learn more »

Laura's ability to promote a brand is unprecedented. She has faced daunting challenges but through creativity and hard work has established herself as a master in the talent entertainment marketing arena. She has evolved through an array of successful careers which led to the founding of what today is known to the public as "Epic Global Talent". Born and raised in the Bay area, Laura has truly blessed and assisted hundreds of people around the world in defining their passion and monetizing their gifts and talents in order to become financially independent and make a major breakthrough in their industry. She collaborates with clients to craft a dynamic media presence and exposure which promotes their brand and translates seamlessly across all media platforms.


Guided and Gifted Laura has trained under the watchful eyes of various successful entrepreneur leaders including but not limited to: Real Estate Gurus, Authors, Publishers, Celebrities, TV Hosts, Attorneys, Financial Analysts, Athletes, Biz Tycoons Motivational Speakers, Bankers, Marketing Specialists, Executive producers, Actors, and more.

Laura's goal is to turn business executives into celebrities and celebrities into business executives making each life she touches happier and more successful. She is President of Powerful Women International Connections, where she spends much of her time guiding women in business to monetize their talents for a higher purpose and prepare them for global leadership. Laura has an uncanny way of drawing out the best in her clients which deeply resonates and has been the cornerstone of her success she without a doubt instills and expects a standard of excellence in the work of all her clients.